Embassy of Vietnam ~ VISA APPLICATION ~ as of November of 2006

Well I took the bus to the consulate and got there about 8:45 A.M. and there were at least 15 people ahead of me already. Strange, I thought! But they called me up within about ten minutes and being anal retentive, I said, do you want our itinerary? NO. Do you want the China Airlines flight dates? NO. He said, Did you sign the form. No, I thought you should check it first. Fine.... he said. Your photo isn't pasted onto the form yet! Yes, I know, in case the form wasn't right.... So he stapled the photo onto the form. He said $45. I gave him the money, my passport and form and he said, Come back on Tuesday between nine and noon to pick it up! Goodbye! 

It seems like it is just a way to make $45 but I am sure we will be on the FBI/CIA terrorist list with a rating number for Vietnam and Cambodia. I had to laugh, anyone traveling outside the US in the last four years is on the list. Well I have been all over in four years.  Guatemala, Netherlands, Turkey, Costa Rica, Zambia, South Africa and now, Vietnam and Cambodia! Wonder what my credit score is! The secretary said they used to charge $45 for a 30 day stay and I guess $65 for a three months stay but she said the $65 fee wasn't used anymore.... or words to that effect.


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